Christoph Brandt Consulting GmbH

Tel +49 89 35747494 

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* System Selection
We have a broad knowledge of available treasury, risk management and reporting solutions and will support you to find a system fitting your needs.
* Requirement Specification
We have many years of experience in analyzing the requirements of our clients and in developing requirement specifications for the solutions to be set up.
* Customizing and Implementation
Configuration of your new treasury, risk management or reporting solution to provide the desired functionality and management information.
We have strong knowledge of the following systems:
Moody's KMV Risk Frontier
SAP Banking (SAP Bank Analyzer, SAP SEM Banking)
Trema's Finance KIT
Besides that, we have experience with SUNGARDS's Panorama and ALGORITHMICS. We will be able to rapidly build know-how in any other solution.
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